We are an eloquently enraged army.
Our weapons are our words.
And our soldiers are the men and women of the United States Postal Service.

How to go postal:

a Let’s Go Postal kit to keep calm and write on.
a postcard protest party and let the ink and the drinks flow!
postcards all day, erryday to your selected (and elected) officials.
until change happens, or their desks break under pressure.

Hey we’re Isadora Connor of DC and Emma Shannon of NYC, and we’re the co-founders of Let’s Go Postal. BFFs since Kindergarten, we bonded while shilling more Girl Scout cookies than anyone else in our troop, and continue our friendship and foodie adventures more than 20 years later.

Post-election, over dumplings at our favorite Chinese place, we realized we had a lot of intelligent and angry friends. We wanted to give them (and ourselves) an easy way to channel our rage in a more productive way than throwing things at our TVs or picking fights with our loved ones. We’d heard about people holding postcard protests, and we loved the simplicity of using snail mail, and the brevity of postcards. And in the spirit of our nation’s leader, we thought they’d make a great visual prop; a brilliant, colorful tidal wave of postcards covering our elected officials’ desks.

Get in touch with us, hello@letsgopostal.com.

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